Our Team

Trent Struttmann, DFETrent Struttmann

A native of Lawrenceburg, KY, Trent Struttmann has been working in the computer industry since he was 13, starting off in computer repair. Since graduating in 2008 from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering with a degree in computer science, Trent has been working as a forensic examiner for Cyber Agents, Inc., taking over ownership of the company in 2014.

An experienced forensic examiner and expert witness, Trent has testified more than 20 times in criminal and civil Federal cases, the State courts of Kentucky and Virginia, and Military courts all over the world. He has been a guest instructor in the Naval Justice School’s Computer Crimes course, presented at professional conferences, and been published in computer forensics magazines.

In his free time, Trent enjoys exploring the research into new topics in digital forensics and computer security, as well as hiking, camping, and sailing.

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Eric Lakes, DFE

Eric Lakes

After founding Cyber Agents in 1999, Eric led the company over the next 15 years to become an industry leader in digital and computer forensics.

He has worked hundreds of cases as a consultant/examiner and possesses more experience than any other expert in the industry.
Over the course of his career, Eric has fostered a sterling reputation with attornies and has testified as an expert witness in both Military and Federal courts.

Retiring from an everyday role with the company in 2014, Eric has recently returned in a part-time, volunteer capacity to share his wealth of experience with our clients. Eric is passionate about educating others in digital forensics-related topics, and in his free time is heavily involved in outdoorsmanship and his daughters’ sports teams.

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Matt Considine, DFE

Matthew Considine

Matthew Considine graduated from Champlain College in beautiful Burlington, VT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Forensics. After finishing his senior project on Windows 10 shellbag forensics and graduating a semester early, he traded in the cows for horses by relocating south to Lexington, KY.

Since joining Cyber Agents, Inc. in July of 2015, Matthew has imaged and examined hundreds of cell phones and computers. He is currently learning Python in order to develop in-house forensic scripts and hopes to help develop tools and scripts written by other Digital Forensic professionals.

Matthew spends his free time drinking coffee and reading–usually at the same time. He also enjoys puzzles (both of the jigsaw and pen-and-paper kind), cooking, and attending local music events. He currently resides in Lexington with his girlfriend and pet cockatiel.

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Keisha Roberts

Keisha Roberts is a native of the rural Stearns, KY. Keisha graduated from University of Kentucky in 2018 with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Business/Organizational Communication and Psychology. She joined Cyber Agents as office manager in the same year. 

Keisha’s hobbies include Muay Thai, boxing, indoor plants, and volunteering.