Our Company

Our Mission

The mission of Cyber Agents, Inc. is to provide forensic services to attorneys, companies, and individuals with a true understanding of what each client really needs, in a manner that won’t bankrupt them. Unlike our competition, computer forensics is not just one in a list of our services—it is our primary specialization. Our experts have more combined experience than any other company in the state of Kentucky. We have a better understanding of military and civilian law than our competition and greater knowledge of how to find and interpret artifacts as they relate to a specific case.

The Latest in Computer Forensics Tools

We keep all of our software and hardware solutions up to date, including the most current software, firmware, and support for the latest devices.  This maximizes the reliability and speed with which we serve you.  We have assisted and trained both local and military law enforcement with computer forensics and cell phone forensics.

Thorough, Efficient, Cost Effective

Computer forensics is a combination of knowledge, experience, and research.  Each case we are involved in is different; each computer different than the last.  Because every case is different, we listen diligently to the attorney we are working for and approach the case accordingly.  Not every case calls for us to examine every aspect of a computer—that would cost our customers far more than it needs to. This is where our knowledge and understanding of the industry surpasses our peers. A good forensic examiner knows which threads to pull to achieve the desired results.

Statement of Professional Ethics

Cyber Agents, Inc. holds to a high standard of professional ethics. Going outside the scope of any project would be a violation of the ethics of our company and of the trust we have built with the attorneys and clients we work for. Our reputation means everything, and we safeguard against that trust being corroded. We strive to be unbiased in our examinations so that we can get to the truth about what happened instead of being solely focused on one side or the other.  We work both prosecution and defense cases—but we do not work for both on the same case, as that would be a violation of the trust we have built over the years.  We also have strict policies in place to prevent double billing.