Litigation Support

     Since 1999, we have assisted in hundreds of trials and provided consultation for countless more. We are a nonpartisan agency that works with prosecution and defense counsel, in all levels of government and all branches of military as well as with private individuals and attorneys. 

     See below for a complete list of our services, or contact us today for more information. 

Military Court

  • Cyber Agents is veteran-founded
  • Familiarity with CG approval helps to streamline the process of hiring our expert
  • Experience with Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force 

Insurance Law

  • Assist in acquiring and interpreting digital information related to an insurance claim
  • Analyze digital evidence as part of the insurance claims process
  • Investigate fraudulent claims by authenticating data on digital devices
  • Investigate digital evidence in order to prove or disprove claimant statements

Employment Law

  • Investigate theft of proprietary information or clients by off-boarding employees
  • Analyze employee workstations
  • Establish or restore corporate data security

Trial Consultation

  • Pre-trial and trial consultation
  • Available to prosecution and defense counsel
  • Thousands of cases worth of experience inform our litigation support procedures