Our Services

We offer on-site and remote data collection methods. See our FAQ below for further insight into practical applications of digital forensics.

Our forensic tools allow us to inspect device data, including information normally inaccessible to users, to verify client accounts. 

We analyze workstations, company-issued devices, and personal devices for issues with current or offboarding employees. We target information such as accessed files or user logs – depending on specific client interests. 

We can build a timeline of events or match device information with specific events using location data.

We examine call records, text records, app access, and more immediately preceding, during, and after the time of collision. 

Our agency is small and mighty. We offer the same services as larger firms in our industry, but with unmatched customer service affability. 

We have performed more than 1,000 examinations and testified in more than 100 trials.

We have never been disqualified from trial.

Our agency is nonpartisan.

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