Computer Abuse

                                                    What is Computer Abuse?
There are many definitions of Computer Abuse and it is often confused with Computer

                                                    Fraud but put quite simply it is:

                                                    "The unauthorized use of, or access to, a computer for purposes contrary to the wishes

                                                    of the owner of the computer or the data held thereon."


                                                    This description encompasses such actions as the unauthorized access to computer

                                                    systems, the modification of programs, the manipulation or interception of data and

                                                    even sabotage.    Danger signs.


                                                    This is proving to be a bigger and bigger problem area with the ease of access to

                                                    pornography on the Internet. It is common for staff to abuse their company links to the

                                                    Internet in order to download material of an inappropriate nature.  Child pornography

                                                    also frequently features in cases of this kind.


                                                    Invasion of privacy
                                                    The invasion of people’s privacy by the interception of their electronic mail, or the simple

                                                    theft of their passwords or User IDs is becoming an increasingly common problem with

                                                    the march towards the paperless office.


                                                    Abuse of a Company Computer System / Information-Secrets

                                                    This encompasses the employee explicitly breaking company policies or AUP's by way

                                                    of setting up their own personal email accounts on a company computer as well as

                                                    browsing or searching for other than company directed topics.  re: pornography, personal

                                                    finance research, etc . . .


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